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about our services

As one of the leading software development companies, Mastermind Corporation provides comprehensive services to meet your I.T. requirements successfully. We offer proficient services that help you save on your costs up to 50% of the project with uncompromised quality. The wide range of services include software development, mobile application development, Multiplatform App Development, Cloud Development and Network Server services. We have a great team of specialized full-stack developers to handle the complete process efficiently. The complete process includes conceptualization, development, project managing, software testing, and marketing. Mastermind Corporation helps you run your business at its best and we can take care of all your I.T. related issues. From the designing part to the marketing we will offer you a proficient and customized solution to ensure maximum ROI. No matter which industry you are in Healthcare, Education, Merchandising, Communications, E-commerce, Motor vehicle Industry, Management, Financial Sector, Charity & Community, we can help !



Custom Software Development

Mastermind offers custom tailored software development services. Our expert's proficiency in highly advanced technologies and techniques' guarantee products that will completely meet your specific business requirements. With full-stack developers has special prowess in programming in Microsoft.Net, Node JS, PHP, Java, Python, Perl, C++, iOS, Android, AngularJS, ReactJS and more. Enriched with great experience enables us to complete the projects with unparalleled speed and efficiency, reducing the product development cost and time.

Technology Assessment

Companies are gradually evolving through growth, new avenues, and through technology innovations. It becomes evident for the organization that to manage the security and stability of the infrastructure has many challenges and we are here to help. For the best balanced performance, Mastermind Corporation provides technology assessment and full implementation to meet the business requirements.

Project Management

Mastermind's project management and network support services provide customer support 24X7. We manage the scope of project from start to finish, delicately babysitting it at every stage to ensure success. These expert services embrace server monitoring, server failure and other estimated performance areas, fixed maintenance visits on a regular basis and prompt solution to the issues arising due to all time availability of Mastermind's engineers. Redundant Cloud server backup in case of any system snag, file loss, or virus hit.

Web Application Development

With over 25 years of experience in creating web applications, our focused and efficient team of web app developers has successfully done more that 500 projects in various industries and a variety of business domains which covers e-commerce, finance, analytic, production, entertainment and so on. All through the years, we have evolved with more perfection in the delivery process to keep pace with the ever-changing requirements of the digital world. Punctual about the delivery with the hallmark of the complex requirements.

Mobile Application Development

Mastermind Corporation is a cutting-edge mobile app development provider with various successful projects with 100% client satisfaction. We accurately customize each application as per your need while taking care of the project deadline and budget. Mastermind's talent pool include highly-skilled developers and analysts, UX-UI experts, best-qualified software engineers who are adept building mobile apps for various operating systems - iOS, Android. Expertise at apps developed natively using React Native and similar platforms like PhoneGap or Xamarin.

Database Design

Mastermind caters to all industry types which include healthcare, finance, production and manufacturing, e-commerce and more. Our clients' require accurate, fast, dependable and hassle-free, maintained databases that aids business to flourish and thrive. With the perfect track record and our team of full-stack professionals, we offer solutions that streamline business processes and unlock insights for best business performance.