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Network Server Systems and strategies determine the vision, principles, and the plan to support the prioritization, operations and complete management of the technologies that aids in running your business properly. We can create a foundational technology architecture that can support all of your softwares with the right hardware to ensure reliability and speed.

  • State of the art servers for Applications and Storage
  • Enhanced network security Firewalls,
  • Anti-Virus, secured Wi-Fi
  • Advanced conceptualization leveraging modern and proven technologies
  • Improved speed testing effectiveness for enterprise-based solutions

Custom Software Development:


Mastermind Corporation is an end-to-end custom software development service provider for a long range of verticals and various industries. We cater for all, whether it be a start-up company or a well-established business, we are more than happy to guide you at each and every step of the software development process. Beginning from the conceptualization, considering the insights into your regular business, development and implementation of the complete solution. Some of the basic business functions that become easier with software development are data processing, in-house communications, promotional campaign management, and sales.

Mastermind Corporation’s custom application development includes .NET (C#, C, ASP), Java, AJAX, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Adobe Flex / Air, Asterisk, IVR, VoIP, Control Systems and Automation and SQL C++, iOS, Android, AngularJS, ReactJS.

Take a glance at the advantages that business owners can opt, if they take a plunge in our business process automation.

  • Increased efficiency and lucrative
  • Competitive advantage
  • Improved business management

Project Management:

Customized software programming expedites hassle-free business operations. It also enables the business owners to monitor the processes in real-time and solve the snag in the process faster and finally avoiding the chances of missing to reply to any customer query or loophole that can affect the business in the long run.

  • Inventory and system tracking
  • Consolidate and organize crucial information
  • Routing optimization
  • Data collection and data entry

E-commerce Application Development :


Mastermind Corporation is specialized in E-commerce application development. Our one core competent team of developers suffices to the demands of the constantly changing technologies and our clients’ business needs efficaciously.

We understand the client’s business requirements and accordingly design and develop solutions with the needed features and functions like UI, Admin panel, payment processing and more. The e-commerce solutions will leverage emerging technologies and get profit at your doorsteps.

  • Increased Customer Base
  • Higher margins and improved cash flow
  • Get new customers bast with better Search Engine Visibility